The Analyst Interview Project is a series of short interviews on contained topics within foreign policy and strategic studies. Producer and editor Matthew Schleich sits down with analysts across disciplines to talk history, theory, and strategy in international conflict.

You can find The Analyst Interview Project on all major podcast platforms, and you can listen to the latest episode below.

To reach out with questions or show ideas, find Matthew on Twitter: @MatthewSchleich


We welcome students, scholars, and practitioners across disciplines to contribute to the pursuit of deeper insight into policy making.

The SAIS Europe Journal is a graduate student-run organization whose primary purpose is to publish peer-reviewed articles for policy makers, academics and professionals who are interested in the world's most pressing policy issues.

With a student body in China, Europe and the United States, the SAIS community is built on a strong foundation of intersecting perspectives. Motivated by its rich global history, the SAIS Europe Journal provides a specialized forum on issues of security, environment, politics, economics and development.

On, we're building an ever-evolving archive of knowledge from the world's most inspired professors, graduate students and policy makers. Aside from serving as an important forum on Global Affairs, the SAIS Europe Journal is designed to be an effective research tool which provides policy makers, academics, and graduate students opportunities for refining their work.