Office Hours is back. In this episode, our host, Stefanella Julius sits down with current SAIS student Evan Ward and Professor Mark Gilbert to chat about the rise of populism amid increasingly widespread feelings of Euroscepticism within the EU.

Mark Gilbert introduces us to his upcoming book, "Italy Reborn: From Fascism to Democracy," which delves into Italy's political transformation and democratic transition following World War II.

But, in the wake of dramatic leadership changes in the global theater over the last ten years, how can we define populism as it exists in Europe today? From Brexit to Clinton, Gilbert expounds on the modern populist identity and how well this identity reflects the growing disconnect between experts and public opinion.

In our first episode, Office Hours' host Audrey Lodes sits down with current SAIS student Daniel Lubin and Professor Nina Hall to discuss what transnational advocacy means and the ever-important role of domestic actors within international movements.

The conversation touches upon Nina Hall's new book called "Transnational Advocacy in the Digital Era" which is a product of five years of research exploring how international groups and activists utilize technology to mobilize around global issues.

Organizations like MoveOn, GetUp, and Campact are able to organize and reach large audiences about issues like climate change, trade, and humanitarian crises. But how do these movements spread internationally from the United States to Hungary, New Zealand, Brazil, Sweden, and beyond and what is the role of media and technology?

Daniel Lubin was drawn to Hall's work from his own experience as one of the founders of Na'amod, a British protest group mobilizing the Jewish community in the United Kingdom against the Israeli occupation of East Jerusalem, Gaza and the West Bank.

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