Unarmed and Unafraid
The Mozart Group in Ukraine
Alex Choy
International Law's Role in a Strat-Dominated World
"Even the finest warrior is defeated when he goes against natural law. By his own hand he is doomed and all creatures are likely to despise him."
Arthur Appleton and Justin Frosini
Limitations and Opportunities
The Soft Power of Chinese Non-Governmental Organizations at Home and Abroad
Zijing Wu
Unintended Consequences: Belarusian SOEs, Sanctions and Dependence on Russia
Lina Sawaqed
Proliferation of Violent Non-State Actors and Islamist Activity in the Sahel
A Case Study on Burkina Faso
Haadiya Ahmed
The Slow Food Movement
When Italian Ideas of Identity, Sovereignty and Modernity Go Global
David W. Ellwood
Pegasus and the Failure of Cybersurveillance Regulation
Shannon Burton
Division or Unity?
Difference in Antisemitism Perception in the Russian Jewish Community
Petr Pesov
Reforming the Kafala System in the Gulf
Nada Moghazi
Capturing Peru
The Role of the Business Elites in the Country's Neoliberal Trajectory
Rafael Aste
The Chances of a Third Nagorno-Karabakh War
Rimon Hossain
Why Arms Embargoes Fail
Seven Factors Undermining Collective Action
Caroline Klaff
Non-State Actors
The Case of Italy on the Verge of Fascism
Nicola Scroccaro

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