Imposing Power on the Ivory Tower
Tactics of State Takeover at New College of Florida and Boğaziči University
Jacob Wentz
Why Balancing AI Proliferation and Regulation is Challenging but Necessary
Benedicta Kwarteng
War and Democracy
Examining Ukraine's Judiciary Under Martial Law
George Kent
Navigating Risk
China's Aircraft Carrier Strategy
Aina Turillazzi
Opportunities for Economic Policy
Aging within Global Labor Markets
Noah Yosif & Max Aldrich
The Establishment of the African Medicines Agency
A Reflection of African Regional Integration Efforts
Josefine Petrick
Everyone Disliked That
Russian Threats and the Global Nuclear Order
Jack Kennedy
Nature Finance
An Opportunity to Drive Economic Resilience and Climate Action
Simone Weichenrieder
The Rationale for an Independent UN Military Culture
Caroline Klaff
The Trans-Pacific Narcotics Pipeline
Analyzing the Interconnectedness of Organized Crime in the Indo-Pacific and the Subsequent Destabilization of Pacific Periphery Nations
Moxie Thompson

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