The SAIS Europe Journal of Global Affairs is now accepting submissions for its 24th edition to be published in May 2021
Volume 24 - May 2021
Breaking the Fever

As the world turns its attention to an unprecedented global pandemic, the vulnerabilities of international and domestic institutions have been laid bare. Protest movements, climate change and development concerns cast doubt on the sustainability of our global system. Policymakers are struggling to balance evolving economic, political and social needs.
So, what comes next, and how do we get there? Will there be a new normal, several, or none? This year's edition of the SAIS Europe Journal of Global Affairs looks to capture the academic debates 2020 has brought to the fore, while attempting to unravel how and whether these fit into long-running conversations regarding international relations and public policy.

Please send your submissions to by December 11th, 2020 according to the Submissions Guidelines.

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Protests in Hong Kong
From the Extradition Law to Coronavirus
SAIS Journal Editorial Staff
Syria: A Climate War
The Gap Within International Refugee Protection
Guilherme Feierabend
Communities as Radical Acts
The Life and Times of Murray Bookchin
Charles Lawrie
Mahra: The Eye of a Geopolitical Storm
Peter Mills
Who Decides in Europe?
Ulrike Guérot and Michael Hunklinger
Beyond Inequality: Protests and Politics
Ria Chakrabarty
Why Do Advocacy Groups and Actors Build Transnational Networks?
Emma Slater
Latin America's 'Autumn of Discontent'
Protests in Bolivia, Chile, and Ecuador Highlight Consistent Inefficiencies
Jamie Dorner
Argentina on the Brink
A Sovereign Debt Crisis with Consequences for the Country's Economy and Social Fabric
SAIS Journal Editorial Staff
The UN Legitimacy Crisis
Analyzing the UN's Role and Challenges in a Time of Dissent
SAIS Journal Editorial Staff

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