Call for Submissions

Thank you for your interest in submitting your work to the SAIS Europe Journal of Global Affairs. The theme for this year's upcoming edition is the global migration and refugee crisis. Across the globe, people are engaging in migration stemming from conflict, genocide, economic inequality, and climate change, among other issues. These issues are comprehensive, worsening, and their potential solutions are highly divisive. However, the questions and possible answers this journal will pose can move the conversation forward. As always, submissions are not limited to the theme of the journal and all works pertaining to the field of global affairs, beyond the scope of the designated theme, will be considered for online publication.

Academic articles of up to 4000 words
Analytical essays of up to 2000 words
Book reviews of up to 1500 words

If you are a SAIS Europe student, please use the abbreviated submission form on the BCWeb found here.

To start the SAIS Journal paper submission process please complete the short form below. When you click submit an account verification email will be sent to the address you provide below. Open the account verification email and click the link provided in order to authenticate your account and finalize your paper submission. If you do not receive an email (check your spam folder!), you may have misspelled your email address. If so, you will have to complete the form below again.